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Tulbagh Wildlife & Fauna

The Tulbagh basin is home to a wide variety of animals, such as baboons, bat-eared foxes, lynxes, and many species of antelope, living in parts of the valley, and it is known that leopards still occur in the mountains. On many occasions, you will find Baboons foraging on the Nuwekloof pass as you enter the Tulbagh Valley. The Witzenberg Valley is home to a wide variety of birds, including the Cape sugarbird, Verreaux's eagle (Black Eagle). In fact, Waterval has a resident pair of Verreaux's Eagles! These Eagles feed on small antelope, dassies, game birds, and hares.

The most essential components of the flora are evergreen sclerophyllous plants or more commonly known as the bush, many with ericoid leaves and gracile habit, as opposed to timber forest. Several plant families are conspicuous in fynbos; the Proteaceae are prominent, with genera such as Protea, Leucospermum (the "pincushions"), and Leucadendron (the silver tree and "cone bushes"). Proteas are represented by many species and are prominent in the landscape, generally with large striking flowers, many of which are pollinated by birds, and others by small mammals.

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