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    Boma has its own kitchen, DJ pit, pool table & fire place

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    Picnic deck overlooking our waterfall

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    Boma fire pit looks over the Witzenberg Mountains

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    Guinea Fowl Jacuzzi set within our olive field

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    All tents have air-con & en-suite bathrooms

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    Beautiful relaxed surroundings

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    Sparkling Pool

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    Bush Camp 30 seater Jacuzzi under the stars!

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    Tents have proper beds, tiled floors, power points, wireless internet

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    Our Waterfall!

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    Dining Room overlooking the garden

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    Our conference rooms have air-con & wireless internet

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    Numerous Conference Layouts

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    Team Building Fun

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    Party Time!

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    Numerous Evening Options

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    Permenant Activity Courses

Halaal Details
Firstly I would like to welcome you to our site. Over the past few years we have tried to make Waterval as exceptable as possible to our Muslim delegates. Four years ago we changed our menus to NOT include any non Halaal products. We changed over our cooking implements. We built Salaah Prayer rooms and they were blessed by the local Imam from Wellington and all our accommodation and toilets have shower heads for cleansing.

Below are a couple of quotes from previous delegates and also details of our suppliers.

We must state that we are NOT certified as we sell alcohol on the premises and non Muslim staff cook in our kitchen. Most of our Muslim delegates are fine about the lengths we go to keep our food and venue as Muslim friendly as possible. However if you or your fellow delegates require certified meals we utilise Wembley Caterers in Athlone
"I was really impressed by your facilities. The team building experience was fantastic and all the other elements just made it a better experience. One can tell by the effort that you put into satisfying your clients that you are serious about your business and serious about the needs of your clients.
The fact that your Muslim clients do not have to make special arrangements for their food is a big plus. We hired the utensils and crockery which ended up being unnecessary. Believe me when I say that it is always a strain when you have to constantly watch out for people who not understand the concept of halaal and prevent them from contaminating the halaal food. The fact that you have taken the time to understand the needs of your Muslim clients is impressive and is a reason why I will recommend your facility to everyone that I have dealings with.
I liked the fact that we had salaah (prayer) facilities to fulfill our daily obligations and the facilities were adequate. You asked me to tell you what improvements were required and I can honestly say that you need to do nothing to improve an already excellent facility. The fact that you have converted your kitchens to halaal kitchens is fantastic. I completely understand why you cannot obtain the halaal certification, having the bar on the premises, but I appreciate all the effort that you have gone through to ensure that the experience of a Muslim client is on par with that of every other client that you welcome to your facility.
If I can give you any advise it would be to advertise the fact that you provide these facilities for Muslim clients and that your kitchens are halaal. Put the information on your website. Putting the information on your web page just makes it easier for potential clients to be informed about the lengths you go to, to accommodate your Muslim clients. That was a BIG PLUS for me.
You are most welcome to place my name and number on your site for a reference if it will assist you.
Kind regards and all the best."

Dawood Thomas
Legal Advisor
Legal Risk and Compliance
Old Mutual Service Technology and Administration (OMSTA)
"The Waterval Resort is a beautiful, organised resort. The staff are efficient, friendly and go out of their way to assist in any way they can. The accommodation is relaxing and enjoyable. Being a Muslim, I appreciate the respect and facilities that have been included at the resort to accommodate us."

Directfin Solutions
Meat Suppliers:
All our meat comes from Tomis Abbatoir in Wellington. They are a Halaal certified. More details can be found here http://www.muslims.co.za/butchers.htm